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For investors

We are looking for investments in our service AVEDI:



Streaming service for delivering both entertainment and news channels video content for Tesla car owners around the world on the built-in screens of their cars.

Now and in the foreseeable future, it’s impossible to accomplish this without our product. There are no any analogues and competitors for the product we're working on.

About Us
SQILSOFT LLC has been operating in the IT services market since 2013 and it provides its customers with services for the development of software solutions designed to facilitate the implementation of daily tasks, as well as to ensure a successful business functioning.
The company's portfolio includes many projects developed according to the requirements of customers from various regions of the USA and Europe. We have carried out projects for UniCredit Bank, Volvo North America, Mercedes-Benz-Austria, Sberbank Austria, Raiffeisenbank, Uniters, etc.
The company also pays big attention to developing its own products: SQILFACE, SQILSHOOT, AVEDI, etc.
SQILFACE is a platform for identifying and verifying unique and key customers by processing video streams in real time and offline, designed to solve tasks for marketing, security, improve service levels and prevent fraud, prompt/rapid response to any non-standard situations.

Find the details here:
SQILSHOOT is a system for automatic determination of the quality of shooting, analysis of the technique of firing, working with real military weapons without additional attachments.

Find the details here:
These products are in demand today in the market of Belarus, the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. In turn, SQILSOFT is constantly working on its software to improve quality and expand functionality.
Pain we solve

While traveling relatively long distances and even in traffic jams in the city, Tesla car drivers de-facto use third-party (external) gadgets to view news and entertainment content. It’s very inconvenient to use mobile phones, tablets or laptops, which in their turn hinder the movement and constrain vision, which is really unsafe.

The new, 10th firmware of Tesla cars, declared the ability to view video content supported by such resources as YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. However, there is a huge BUT:
01 - The content can be viewed only while the car is not in motion.
02 - The video material takes the entire display of the screen, which is really inconvenient for the drivers while using maps.
03 - The solution works only on the new models (starting from March 2018).
As you can see, the functional features of the Tesla In-car entertainment system do not provide the ability to view third-party audiovisual content.
AVEDI service solves this problem. It is an aggregator of video content gathered from various popular online platforms (entertainment and news resources), which will allow drivers and passengers to enjoy watching videos on a large built-in screen of the car, thereby brightening up time spent both on standby and in the road.

The demo of how AVEDI works in the car

To solve this problem, we have developed a video streaming service from popular online platforms for Tesla cars, which allows drivers and passengers to play video content while driving and parking the car.

The service is supported by all Tesla cars, uses the latest IT technologies and does not require any third-party intervention in the car.


The service is targeted mostly at Tesla drivers, car owners and their families from all over the world. In neighbour countries, such as Ukraine and Russia, there are about 1000 and 3600 owners respectively.

Total global Tesla sales (2018):

  • Tesla Roadster (since 2008): 2 450
  • Tesla Model S (since 2012): 263 504
  • Tesla Model X (since 2015): 120 739
  • Tesla Model 3 (since 2017): 147 819
  • Total for 2018: 534 512

It is worth noting that the sales of Tesla cars are growing every quarter. According to official statistics, 97,000 cars were sold in the third quarter of 2019: 95,200 were sold in the second quarter of 2019. So, for the last two quarters: 192,200 units sold - not taking into account the newest Tesla Model Y, which is not on sale yet.

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